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Horze Bib Martingale

SKU: HZ 10733
Your jumper will sport a stylish look with this bib style martingale.

Bib style martingale popular with the jumpers. Made with quality leather and brightened with contrasting white stitching. Neck and girth attachment allows for a comfortable fit.

*Neck and girth attachment for comfort
*Quality leather
*Contrast stitching adds a touch of style

Technical description:

Cob size from rein to girth attachment is 48 Full size from rein to girth attachment is 53 Can be extended approximately 6 on each size Measurement for both Cob and Full for the neck piece is 53 .

Washing instructions:

To clean, wipe with warm water to remove dirt and sweat and follow with leather cleaner.

Usage instructions:

A martingale is used on horses to control head carriage and to prevent the horse from throwing its head so high that the rider gets hit in the face by the horse's poll or upper neck. When a horse's head gets above a desired height, the martingale places pressure on the head so that it becomes more difficult or impossible to raise it higher.

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