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12 Gallon Poly Water

Energy Efficient Handsome Perfect For Exisiting Drinker Replacement or For New Installations. Check mate! Great value and great features don't have to come in a boring, boxy profile. Model MPO12 is loaded and is also one of the better looking drinkers ever to reach the market.

• Dependable, non-siphoning Durapride valve. (30 years of use) A typical annual heating bill with Model MPO12 might be somewhat higher than with Model MPO17 — maybe $15.00 instead of $10.00! Model MPO12 has the same foam filled double wall construction. Also, our patented ports on the sidewall of the valve cover allow heat dispersal from underneath the valve cover into the drink openings.
• Proven (20 years of use) 250 watt heater
• Two inch built-in drain
• Overflow port can be used either as an internal drain or it can be used for optional continuous flow operation.
• Rugged notches for secure anchoring.
• Spring loaded pin allows easy removal of access panel. It takes a quarter turn with a straight edge screwdriver. Lower access opening is 6 inches x 19 inches.

25"H x 20"W x 31"L

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