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Energy Free Waterer


Model MPM10 - swine
Model MPM10A - calves, poultry and sheep. For poultry, invert flap.
Model MPM20 - cattle, horses, elk and other wildlife C

heck these Brower quality features:
Model MPM10 is identical to Model MPM10A except the MPM10 flaps are 2 inches shorter than those of the MPM10A and also MPM10 flaps have stainless guards. Nature's ground water temperature does the job. Our energy-free waterers operate like a thermos all year long. Cool, fresh water in summer's hot sun. Dependable water in sub-zero temperatures.

1. Stainless steel bolts and removable top afford easy access to plumbing. Optional wing bolts (Model OF403WB) are available for grade A inspections.
2. Unique baffles guard against icing and keep valve operating under severest conditions.
3. Notched flanges for easy anchoring.
4. Achieve a quality installation with Brower anchor package. Order Model 383344 which contains 4 anchor bolts, 4 flat washers, 4 plates and 4 nuts, all stainless steel.
5. Weather strip and an insulated sleeve for the supply line come with each unit.
6. Simple installation - no heat well needed; use an 8-12 inch tile; can be fitted on most existing pads.
7. Sealed bottom keeps out moisture and rodents.
8. Two 2-inch drain holes for fast clean out.
9. Foam insulation between walls has an R-value of 7.14 inch.
10. Double wall construction contains hindered amine light stabilizer, the most effective ultraviolet inhibitor.
11. Seamless sidewall cannot leak.
12. Tolerance to water level - you don't have to worry about summer and winter water levels. (If the water level is too high on a ball or float type closure, closures can stick.).
13. Dependable, non siphoning valve - proven and trouble free.
14. Animal friendly insulated flaps. Livestock can drink out of both flaps at the same time - not always so with a ball closure. No pulleys and cables to foul and rust.

WHY OUR FLAP IS BETTER THAN A BALL OR FLOAT CLOSURE... Each time an animal drops our flap, water and ice explode off the surface - greatly reducing ice buildup. Our Brower Drinkers have no recessed areas where water can collect and freeze.


The key to trouble-free use is carefully read the installation instructions. You can probably use an existing tile if your supply line has stayed open with no supplemental heat. The new installation must be made without the supply line touching the riser tile and there must be no debris or dirt in the riser tile. For best protection, we recommend that a new riser tile of at least 8" diameter be installed. There must be an airtight seal to the mounting pad. Brower units need to be installed on the level. There must be sufficient drinking activity.

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